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Make sure your e-mail address is correct. The address and country should be where you currently live.
Nationality is your citizenship as it appears on your passport.
*Civic number is only if you have a Swedish personal number or a temporary identity number from previous studies at Swedish universities. If you are unsure, leave this blank and submit any civic number in your documents instead.

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Only if you have made an application through previously or now, put the application number here.

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Only if you have used an agent to help you with the application.

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Other (not test or high school grade)
ESOL Certificate in Advanced English
ESOL Certificate of Proficiency in English
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Pearson Language test in English Academic (PTE)
University of Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English

Language requirements and English language test exemptions can be found on Language Requirements

"I have ordered/will order the test to be sent to JU" - check only if you have made / will make an order for the test to be sent from the test center to JU.

I have ordered/will order the test to be sent to JU


Number of files: 12 (use the 'plus' sign if you want to upload multiple files)
File format: .pdf
File name length: 45 characters
File size: 10 MB

The document name should NOT include a period (.) or other letters than A-Z.
If you are still unsure of which documents to upload, see the information on Undergraduate Admission Guide
If you have problems to upload, contact Admissions Office JU.

Application fee

An application fee of 900 SEK applies to citizens outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. For more information regarding who is required to pay fees, please read here.


If you are not required to pay, please check the box below, and continue with your application by clicking "Next".

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The information submitted when making an application is used by the university in order to review eligibility, admit students and to administrate the studies of admitted students. The information is also used for statistical purposes. For further information contact Admissions Office JU.